Benefits of Reading

We already know that reading biography books is a key to success for some of today’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk are all voracious readers, just to name a few. Thinking in upgrade your kinds bedroom? check this ideas of revamp childs bedroom.

But does reading have important health benefits as well?

The answer is an emphatic YES.

Reading has been shown to do all of the following:

Reduce stress levels just how the korean red ginseng does(by 68 percent!)
Preserve brain health and lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Alleviate anxiety and depression
Help you fall asleep
Increase life expectancy
Boost happiness and overall life satisfaction
Reading accomplishes all of this by activating your mind, providing an escape from day-to-day life, and offering refreshed perspective for life’s challenges.

How much reading is needed to see these profound benefits?
It turns out that reading silently for only six minutes has been shown to reduce heart rate and ease muscle tension, you can even use the fluffy pillows amazon while reading
In fact, that small amount of reading worked better for relaxation than other proven methods such as listening to music, exercising with an URBNFit Yoga Ball, or sipping a cup of tea, so is great for people that want to remain healthy, other thing they can do is learn online, you can find reviews about health products at sites like and find the best health diets and supplements.

Regularly reading just a bit more than that — only 30 minutes a day—has been shown to add two years to your life.

That’s right — developing a habit of reading for just a half hour per day can make you live years longer.

So what types of books should you read?
We know that the wealthiest, most successful people tend to read non-fiction books (and in particular biographies and autobiographies of other successful people), opting to be educated over being entertained. If you prefer fantasy romance stories, then you might be interested in some of the novels listed at

But the health benefits of reading are produced from all types of books — fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose. And reading literary fiction specifically has the power to make you more empathetic and increase emotional intelligence.

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